We are an advertising agency in the Mozambican market since 2008 and over this more than a decade, we have worked some of the biggest brands in the country and small ones too.

Today we have in our portfolio of work, successful campaigns that have marked eras and most importantly of all, campaigns that helped our clients achieve their goals.

We work as a team, a team made of experienced and motivated professionals who always seek to find the most appropriate solutions to each client’s reality.

This is SPOT, we are committed to the brands we work with and we will always be here, eager to embrace new challenges.

Currently Spot has a partnership with ZOOM outdoors in order to offer more means for its customers to enjoy greater visibility. ZOOM is a company of billboards and led's advertising that now starts to be noticed in Beira.

Play Recording is located in our facilities and is another partnership signed with us as a way to offer more specialized services to our clients. Play Recording is a content production company and a specialist in audio services for the most varied purposes.


Advertising Creation and Strategic Planning


Consulting Above the line & Below the Line


Media space purchases (Newspapers, Outdoors, TV, Radio)


Production of all types of advertising material (brochures, flyers, TV Spots, Radio Spots, etc)


Organization of all aspects of the event


Guerrilla Marketing


Shaid Umar

General Manager

Pedro Uachisso

Junior Art Director

Luis Ramos

Creative Director

Emerson Halar

Junior Art Director

Jorge Lissuana

Account Executive

Francisco Jossias

Senior Motion Designer Senior

Mario Zango

Head of Digital

Iolanda Aguiar

Administrative Assistant

Ferrão Chico

Art Director

Momed Aleik



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